Immortui (Carpathian Interlude – Part I)

Immortui (Carpathian Interlude – Part I)
Series: The Carpathian Interlude, Book 1
Genre: Historical Horror
ASIN: B009XN167G
The Legions of Emperor Augustus have returned victorious from putting down a massive revolt among the Germanic tribes of the Danube frontier. While Rome basks in its success, a new foe is gathering in the darkness of the Carpathian Mountains. When a young boy shows up at the distant fortress of Troesmis, it falls to Optio Gaius Justus Vitalis and his centurion to investigate the horrors described by the young refugee. It is just the beginning of a struggle between the Eagles of Rome and the undead forces of an enemy that could halt the Empire’s northern advance.
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About the Book

Experience historical horror like never before!

It’s Romans vs. Zombies in this first part of the Carpathian Interlude series. Get ready for action, mystery and blood in this clash between Light and Dark.

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