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Hi there. My name is Adam and I’m a writer, blogger, historian, and archaeologist. I’m the author of the Eagles and Dragons historical fantasy series, the Carpathian Interlude series, and other works set in the ancient and medieval worlds.

Over the years, I’ve studied ancient and medieval history and archaeology at the University of Toronto, Canada, and St. Andrews University, Scotland.

As a youth, I fell in love simultaneously with both history and creative writing. Ever since then, I’ve endeavoured to meld these two passions to find the perfect balance of accurate historical fact and fiction.


On Safari in Matmata, Tunisia

Whenever I can, I always try to travel to the locations I’m writing about. I love to share these experiences which, I feel, are essential to recreating the richness of the ancient and medieval worlds. You’ll find me sharing these travel experiences and much more on the Writing the Past blog.

At the moment, I live with my wife and children in Toronto where I’m currently thinking up new story ideas that will show readers how truly exciting and entertaining history can be.

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I love to connect with my readers and fellow history-lovers, so be sure to say Hi!

Athens' Keramaikos

Athens’ Kerameikos


Take a tour of the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia with Adam in The World of Heart of Fire video series.

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13 thoughts on “Adam Alexander Haviaras

  1. I have just “discovered” you and your work in the last few minutes. You are doing what I wish I had done in my younger years, I am now 66. I made a life in the law and politics, and I am certain a day never passed when I did not touch my few ancient coins and other artifacts kept in my desk, and one in my wallet.
    I know this will sound a bit silly, but that contact always grounded me, and reminded me that all things pass in the amazing sweep of man’s adventure on this planet.
    As I watch my own country, the US, descend into idiocy I have no illusions, it has happened to many peoples all through time, and something hopefully good and beautiful will replace it.
    I look forward to reading your work, and living a bit of your adventures from your various postings.
    Walter J. Price III
    WV USA

    • Thank you for the kind words, Walter. I too feel grounded by history when the everyday really gets me down. It is always the perfect perspective check, and shows me the world, the past, is much much bigger than the idiocy we see (sadly) day-to-day. Just back from the holiday now, so more blog posts on the way! Thank you for you comments 🙂

  2. Thanks for this book, Adam. You get better with every one I read. The plot was exciting and the characters had a lot of depth. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more from you.

  3. Completed Killing the Hydra just now. Wonderful story, thank you for writing it. I started day before yesterday with book 0 and kept right on until just now. Can’t wait for next one.
    I am now 63 and while my professional life is as a CPA my passion has always been history. I was fortunate enough to spend a full season digging at Ashkelon in Israel with a Harvard University expedition in 1990. Your wonderful books have an energy about them that is for me reminiscent of my time spent doing work there. You tell a great story and I can’t wait to read all you write. Thanks again.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Stephen. I’m glad you enjoyed the books. You’re a fast reader! The dig at Ashkelon sounds amazing. I’ll endeavour to keep the stories riveting! The next book in the series, Warriors of Epona, should be out in the Fall, so stay tuned! Cheers and many thanks for your comments 🙂

      • Ashkelon was amazing. I was there the year the “golden calf” was found. The New York Times mistakenly reported the find as such. Front page too if my memory serves. I think it is referred to as the “silver calf” now by Harvard. Anyway it was one of the most exciting things I have ever done, the dig that is.
        I am a fast reader and particularly so when I find something really good. Not so fast that I can’t savor really good books though.
        Thank you for your reply. I just now looked not really expecting one and there you were. Exciting for me to “speak” with you. This is actually the first time I was struck enough to try to communicate like this.
        Again thank you.

        • Sounds fantastic, Stephen. And again, thank you for the kind words about the books. It is very gratifying to know that you are enjoying them so much. If you have the time, please do post reviews of the books where you got them. Reviews are very important in helping new readers find the books. And if you want to talk history, that is one of the raison d’être for this site, to share a common love of history. So, your comments are welcome anytime. Cheers!

  4. Just finished part one of the Carpathian Interlude. Going to go right in to part 2 after I write this.
    You are an amazing storyteller! !
    Have a wonderful trip which I read about earlier.
    Best wishes from,
    Ashkelon Stephen

  5. Excellent read Adam I have just read your 3 eagles and dragons and can’t wait on number 4 when is it due out
    It gives a good insight of how they lived back then and worshiped. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for the kind words, George! So glad you are enjoying the books. I hope to have book four of the Eagles and Dragons series out sometime in the Fall. Stay tuned! 🙂

  6. Hi Adam,
    What a lovely photo of you, (the first portrait one.)
    I am a historian of the Florentine Renaissance. Well, not practicing right now. Have a master’s in it and used to teach at the community college level. Now I live in Tuscany and as an American the only visa I could get does not allow me to work, so instead I’m writing books. I recently published a memoir about my walk on Italy’s ancient pilgrimage route. It has been fun to look around your site!

    • Hi Chandi, Glad you found the website and that you find it interesting. I’m a big Italophile myself, having spent a lot of time in Tuscany, particularly Chianti Classico. I also set part of my books there, so the area does mean a lot to me. You’re website looks like it has a lot of useful info! Thanks so much for your comment and hope to see you again around the blog. Cheers!

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